My body lets me

Believe it or not, but Clementine in not a spiritual, hippie app - it’s for the modern woman. And it really works. It helps you to sleep better, feel calmer and be your best self. It even includes a range of hypnotherapy sessions, as well as the option for daily mantras to pop up on your phone, giving you an instant boost. In short, it’s like mini therapist in your phone.

We were tasked to craft a campaign that would help women have a more positive relationship with their body. We quickly realised that our target audience stopped doing things they loved, because they were ashamed of their look. So, instead of focusing on what their bodies looked like, we reminded them of what they're able to do. 


Concept, Art Direction





The big idea

We asked key influencers to tell us what wonderful things their bodies let them do. Working with Turkish photographer Meltem Isik, we captured them enjoying that activity. They were free from body shame, immersed in happiness. Next, we asked them to strip down and hold that image over themselves. It showed everyone what their body let them do, instead of what it looks like. Naturally, our influencers shared their stories and images on their social channels using the #mybodyletsme.

As it grows

Our campaign got a massive response online, with hundreds of women telling us why they're grateful of their body. Here are some of my favourite responses:

- My body lets me walk in the park every morning
- My body lets me carry my son to bed
- My body lets me chow down on my favourite meal
- My body lets me hold the hand of the person I love
- My body lets me create life
- My body lets me feel pleasure

Give aways

To make sure that our campaign stayed top-of-mind, we used giveaways to generate a bit of extra buzz. Firstly, our influencers ran a giveaway campaign, rewarding the first 100 people who used our hashtag. Secondly, we attached flyers to the ceilings of popular outdoor areas and challenge people to jump up and grab one. Those that did got free access to Clementine’s body section.