A break from reality

New Horizons Festival  is an EDM and dance music festival that resembles a surreal dreamland. It transports you to  7 different worlds, each one revolving around its own music genre and theme. From steampunk, futuristic, urban circus and many more, it has something for every music fan.

Our task was to inject the mystery that surrounds the festival into German EDM

lovers' social feeds. Our answer was the A Break from Reality campaign.


Concept, Art Direction


New Horizons Festival



Mind bending stunts

In the run up to the festival, strange things start to happen across Germany. It also seemed like the spirit of New Horizons had hopped over the festival's walls to give EDM fans a break from reality. Each video we created involved an elaborate set-up to conceal a mind-bending stunt.


New Horizons warp reality for fans as Tiësto casually walks on water in Munich 

To ensure that our campaign would achieve viral success, we had Tiësto literally walk on water. 

Hidden portal? Tiësto walks through walls on a random German street

But we didn't stop there. To announce that tickets were on sale, we staged a stunt that made it appear that the North and South gates were opening in random places across Germany. It created a huge spectacle and gave passer-by’s the chance to live stream the stunt on Facebook.

Reality with a twist

By creating 7 fantastic worlds, the New Horizon Festival truly gave fans a break from reality. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to create charming, yet slightly surreal social content.

New Horizons abstract music videos bring each world to life before the festival gates open

We created looping cinemagraphs that were backed by huge sonic soundscapes (courtesy of our headline DJs). It gave fans a flavour of what to expect, showing the depth and variety on offer at New Horizons.

7 worlds rolled into one

To push ticket sales, we chose to show each of the 7 worlds in carousel form, allowing fans to properly dive into the festival. Thousands of curious festival-goers learned about each of the worlds, realising the endless possibilities that awaited them.